AP Global Cybersecurity

Twitter hack suspects left easy trail. Bank of America suffers phishing scam. British Airways customer data hacked. Australian government systems hacked.

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You’ve seen the headlines. These are just a few examples of governments and companies that have suffered breaches of their cybersecurity defences.

Will your company or government department be next?

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You need to be cyber aware and cyber resilient.

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AP Global Cyber is part of the AP Global Consulting Ltd management consultancy based in London, UK.

Our mission is to help clients improve the awareness of cybersecurity in their organisations and mobilise teams to protect and defend their critical infrastructure. We have four pillars in our work: strategy, technology, process and people.

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We have four pillars in our work

strategy technology process people
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We engage with stakeholders to deliver:

Cyber Security Review and Audit Cyber Security Systems & Strategy Cyber Security Governance Models Cyber Security Skills
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Products and Services

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Case Studies

  • A Cloud based Compliance Hub, Tooling Integration, for surveillance and e-discovery peer on Microsoft Teams.
  • Delivered Program Management across 3 IT Segments for A FTSE 100 Bank to bring about cybersecurity transformation for 200.000 global sites of entry.
  • Data Classification Projects, including Azure RMS.
  • Access + Identity Standardisation.
  • Cybersecurity project for Cabinet Office.
  • Westminster City Treasures office transforming and underperforming 70 person department, closing an annual accounts projects faster than 83% of the FTSE 100.
  • Data Privacy Projects.
  • Omni-Channel Contact Centre Transformation.
  • On the Board of Directors of Age UK providing strategic operational and transformation leadership.
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Our values:

We adhere to the highest standards of integrity, transparency, ethics and sustainability.

We are committed to using business to create a better society, to support the resilience of the UK, to celebrate success and pay it forward to help educate the next generation of future leaders with the skills they need to succeed.

As the UK recovers from Covid19, we want to help build a stronger and more resilient country. We want to help the country build back better. We want to fill the cyber skills gap in the UK.