AP Global Cybersecurity Case Studies

Case Studies

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Financial Servicest

Financial Services

  • A Cloud based Compliance Hub, Tooling Integration, for surveillance and e-discovery peer on Microsoft Teams.
  • Delivered Program Management across 3 IT Segments for A FTSE 100 Bank to bring about cybersecurity transformation for 200.000 global sites of entry.
  • Data Classification Projects, including Azure RMS.
  • Access + Identity Standardisation
Public Sector

Public Sector

  • Cybersecurity project for Cabinet Office.
  • Westminster City Treasures office transforming and underperforming 70 person department, closing an annual accounts projects faster than 83% of the FTSE 100.
  • Data Privacy Projects
  • Omni-Channel Contact Centre Transformation.
Charities and NGO’s

Charities and NGO’s

  • On the Board of Directors of Age UK providing strategic operational and transformation leadership.